Join us in Aarhus, May 22nd, 2019:

Masterclass: Modern Marketing and Sales

Are you a Microsoft partner looking to grow your business? Come and join, when Youri Kuper from Make Marketing Magic flies in from Amsterdam to give a masterclass that will change the way you approach the marketing and sales disciplines.

About the masterclass

During the course you will travel through the what’s and how’s of online marketing, and dive into the art of:

  • nurturing your leads
  • performing great at sales meetings
  • closing the deals.

Youri Kuper will present the most important and efficient tips and tricks he has acquired over the years while working with Microsoft partners. During the 5-hour masterclass, you will be served a mix of:

  • intros to the most important areas within B2B marketing and sales
  • discussions of how to align the two disciplines and make magic
  • hands-on workshops.

Expect to be involved and prepare to go right home and start attracting the right customers online because you actually get marketing and sales stuff done – not just for a month or two but on an ongoing basis.

Practical info on the masterclass:

Date: Wednesday May 22nd, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: CANblau, Klostertorvet 9, Aarhus
Price: Free (no-show fee DKK 750,-)

Contact us if you have any questions. 
Phone: +45 70 204 209

You are in the Master Class target group if you run or work for a Microsoft partner and work with marketing, sales or both. And of course if you run a business and sit on top of it all, wondering how to get the most out of digitalizing your marketing and sales.

You are more than welcome to bring along a collegue - the miracles really start happening, when sales & marketing work together!

Sådan siger tidligere deltagere

"Jeg blev meget inspireret af Youris oplæg til Microsofts masterclass i Lyngby. For det første er han rigtig god til at præsentere, og så er han både energisk og har humor – han formår bare at fange folk i salen. For det andet kom han med nogle supergode indspark og fakta om, hvordan det går i branchen og hvordan salg fungerer. Og så formåede han at kæde alle informationer og pointer sammen og skabe koblingen mellem salg og markedsføring."


Ulrich Jørgensen, 

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Please note, this event is for Microsoft partners only.

About Youri Kuper

Youri Kuper is a partner at marketing agency Make Marketing Magic, the Dutch company behind the Boost Your Business programme. In his own inspiring way, Youri brings marketing and sales together, offering down-to-earth practical advice on how to expose your message efficiently to your preferred audience.

About Boost Your Business

Launched just 2.5 years ago, the Boost Your Business programme is currently being used by 110+ Microsoft partners throughout Western Europe, providing the Microsoft partners with an average ROI of 1:19 on each Euro spent. More than 80 % of the partners re-sign to the programme after the first 12 months.

About Gammelbys

Danish marketing and communications agency with IT and Microsoft partners at its core for 20+ years. In close partnership with Make Marketing Magic and Microsoft, Gammelbys carries out the Boost Your Business programme together with Microsoft partners in Denmark and Norway.

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